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About Our Database

With close to 500 members it is no longer feasible to use a pen and paper system to provide services and allocate members to classes, so U3AMV operates using an online system. Members have access to their details on our database via their unique user ID and password. These can be used to re-join, enrol, update details, pay fees, see what classes are available and so on.
Member details are confidential and only you can access your personal record. Details are not shared with any other organisation or body (to see our Privacy Policy please click on the Policies and Constitution link)

Your Questions Answered

Membership expire each December and all members are sent an email detailing the steps to follow to join and enrol a few days prior to opening date. Course enrolment takes place at a later date and again an email detailing steps to follow is sent.

Member can access the database at any time. Steps for using the various functions are listed below.

How to use our database

Here in point form are summaries which will help you use our database to join, enrol, gain information and so on.

Non-members (and members) can look at a list of all classes without logging in, including times, dates, tutors and venue addresses by going to, selecting COURSES at the top of the page.  On the COURSES page you can select to list all Courses Alphabetically or list them by Day or Category.  This also shows whether they are Open or on Waitlist.

  1. In  go to Join Us at the top of the Home page.
  2. Fill in your details and select Apply for Membership
  3. The Type of membership requested page will come up automatically with Full pre-selected, change this if necessary.  Click in the “I agree” box and select Proceed
  4. Fill your details (if necessary) and press Commit
  5. Select Proceed to Payment
  6. Select Pay Online
  7. Click on “Click here to Pay”
  8. Enter your card details and then PAY NOW
  9. To exit click Classes, then Next then Exit. The Exit page (Membership Details) will show your payment details.

You will receive a message confirming payment
You will also receive an email confirming your payment details.

Our preferred payment method is by credit card via the database.  Payment may also be made using EFT.  However, as our database is not directly linked to the EFT system there is a delay as the treasurer must manually mark you as paid.

The fee for new members is $45, plus a $10 joining fee.  If you are already a member of another U3A the Associate Member fee is $35. 

A fee of $10 will be added if you select to have Contact newsletter posted. 

We are unable to process cheques.

For EFT payments:

Payments may be made electronically or by visiting any branch of Bendigo Bank. 

Our account name is:       U3A Moonee Valley Inc
Our account number is:    154051213
BSB   633-000 (Bendigo Community Bank Keilor East)

Please include your full name on the transfer as the reference number.

To enrol in a class, please follow these steps.

  1. In  go to Members Login at the top right of the Home page and use your usual ID and password to login.

    If you are joining as new member you will already be logged in.
  2. On the Membership Status page select Classes, then Classes again on the Class Status page This will give you a list of all courses alphabetically. 

    Any Zoom classes are included as part of the alphabetical listing. 
  3. Select a class by clicking on the small square at the left of the class description (Clicking the square again deselects the class).
  4. When you have made your selections GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE AND CLICK Next.  If you don’t click on next your selections are lost.  You can get to the bottom by pushing the End key.
  5. Check your selections and select Next.  If you find you have made an error in your selections use page back arrow at the top left to page so as to return to the class list.
  6. Print your selections if you wish and select Next then Exit. You will receive an email confirming your enrolment if you have been placed in the class.  If you apply for a class marked TBA you will be placed on the waitlist and tutors will form the class.

To log in, members can go to and select Member Login icon at the top of the page. Enter your ID number and password. If you need to log in now, click the button below!

If you have lost your password or ID, you can enter the one you remember and select Forgotten Password/Id. Click here to find the button. You will need to enter your email address when requested. Select Send Password. Your ID and password will be sent to the email address you enter (as long as the given address agrees with that on our system).

If you have forgotten both your password and ID, contact the office on 0468 836 359.

When you enrol in a new course you (and your tutor) should receive an email.  However, no email is sent if you are placed on the waitlist.

To print a confirmatory letter summarising your details and courses, you should login via our website, select classes, then Next, and Next again then choose Print at the bottom of Member Summary page.

Members can change their details, including their password, by logging in and selecting Update ProfilePLEASE NOTE; You must remember to select Commit after making changes (otherwise the changes are lost).

Go to Member Login on our website. Log in and on the Membership Status page, select Next. The ensuing Class Details page shows class commencement dates, times, venue address and tutor. By selecting Next and then Next again the Member Summary page is reached, which give all details, including a list of all dates for the class throughout the year.

You can contact the office by phone on 0468 836 359 and ask for the Membership Secretary to contact you.  If the office is unattended and you are leaving a message, please leave your phone number clearly.

Alternatively, perhaps a husband/wife/daughter/son/grandchild can access our website to show you what courses are available.  We no longer print copies of course and class details.

Badges are generally posted to all new members. If you do not receive one, or if you are a member and need a replacement, please contact the office on 0468 836 359.

Log onto the system via Member login on our website. This will bring you to the Membership Status page. Select Classes 2022. This will bring you to the Class Status page. Select the class you wish to withdraw from, select a reason then select Delete Class. A Reason must be selected before a class can be deleted. Members should make tutors aware they are withdrawing so that anyone on the waitlist can be moved into the class.

Annual membership fee for 2024 is $45 or $35 for a half year (available after June 30) and $35 for Associate Membership.  There is a $10 joining fee for new members. Our preferred method of payment is online. 

Paying online:

After filling or checking your details, at the bottom of the Membership Status page, click Next.  This will bring you to the Member Summary page.  At the bottom of this page click Pay Online

This will bring up the E-way logo.  Click on “Click here to pay” at the bottom of the E-way card.  Fill in your card details and click “PAY NOW”.  You will receive an email confirmation of payment.  E-way takes VISA and Mastercard.

Paying by EFT:

EFT payments may be made by internet banking or by visiting any branch of Bendigo Bank. 

Account name: U3A Moonee Valley Inc.

Account number: 154051213, BSB 633-000.

Please include your full name on the transfer as the reference number.

Please note: You will still need to join online as you must state your COVID 19 vaccination status.  You cannot by marked as paid, or join a class, until you have joined online.

There may be a delay as the treasurer must mark you as paid on the system.  You can login at any time to check your status.  The process generally takes one to two weeks.  Once marked as paid you can enrol in courses.

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